• £ 12.95

    Beef stroganoff Order

    Creamy wild mushroom sauce steak strips, homemade mash potato, side salad & fresh baked bread
  • £ 16.95

    Steak Sirloin 8oz Order

    Succulent and full of flavor served with homemade potato wedges, side salad and green peppercorn sauce
  • £ 9.50

    Chicken burger Order

    Grilled chicken breast, burger bun, melted cheese, gherkins,burger sauce,home-made potato wedges & side salad
  • £ 12.50

    Panko Breaded Chicken Breast Order

    Served with home-made potato wedges topped with parmesan, ciabatta, side salad & mushroom sauce
  • £ 12.50

    Chicken breast in gorgonzola sauce Order

    Grilled chicken breast, simmered in a creamy gorgonzolla sauce, served with home made potato wedges, side salad & fresh baked bread
  • £ 13.95

    Slow cooked Pork Belly Order

    Tender, melt-in-the-mouth belly of pork served with mash potatoes, tender steamed broccoli, warming gravy & fresh baked bread