“There are quite a few restaurants near where we are based. We thought by introducing international cuisine we would make the area more interesting.”
“Having an open kitchen is a little bit different to what other restaurants are doing. The customers can see what the chefs are doing – like the little things such as plating up.”
“We don’t have anything in the freezer. People want to know that their food is going to be freshly cooked – only using the best ingredients.”
“We offer customers a mixture of international cuisine. We take a little bit of everything from everywhere.”
“Our passions are food, cooking and baking.”
“The open kitchen creates a friendly atmosphere and brings the customers closer to us. They can see what we are doing.”
“All our reviews so far have been five stars. People who have experienced our cuisine have now become returning customers – so we must be doing something right.”
“People have been looking for something like this in Chelmsford. It is a different restaurant experience.”